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K-3rd Grade Class

This class is meant for 5 to 9-year-olds and we’ll be working on: Social skills, literacy, math, and researching skills.

During our time together, we will be conducting research on a topic (animals, seasons, vehicles, etc.). Your children will put their own spin on it and present it.

Some of our amazing K-3rd Grade teachers:

Class Details

1 Hour

Ages 5-9 

$20 per Class

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We offer a Preschool-8th grade comprehensive curriculum with certified teachers to meet your needs.

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What parents think about our K-3 classes?

"Jessica taught a unit to my 5th and 6th grade special education students. They felt empowered to think critically and use their knowledge and skills to solve problems."

- Janet A.

"It teaches kids to listen to another person other than mom and dad. It was so cool to see him engaged in interacting with the teacher and other kids!"

- Stephanie W.

"Jessica worked with a group of my students who were struggling in math. Her lessons were engaging and students showed improved enthusiasm and academic progress in their math skills after working with her."

- Kristen D.

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